What We Do

We combat WEAK points with proven strategies, tailored to your NEEDS.

Our Core Services.

Our in-depth security reviews assess your business operations for weak points, and offer realistic, proven remedies to bolster your security posture. With tailorable packages and options to suit your resources, we bring the expertise, and you stay in control.

Risk Assessments and Security Audits.

Physical and Operational Security and Threat Assessments, evaluating your current measures for addressing vulnerabilities and recommending enhancement opportunities.

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Active Assailant Preparedness Training.

A broad suite of education and training on key areas such as Response Plan development, Survival Methods and Techniques, Workforce Resilience, and Plan Implementation and Testing.

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Crisis Management And Emergency Response.

Developing and implementing an effective, realistic Emergency Response Plan that addresses the full range of possible events and covering all levels of your organization’s structure.

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Business Continuity of Operations Planning.

Helping you and your business prepare not only to survive, but to move forward, with operational disruption minimized, and your reputation or brand protected.

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Markets We Serve.

Big or small – security matters. We serve a variety of businesses and markets, because emerging risks are indiscriminate.


We undertake an efficient, effective assessment of client vulnerabilities. Our experts identify risks and provide the correct steps to counter those risks.

Financial Firms.

As former Special Agents of the FBI, our team of experts possesses decades of experience in the field of white-collar crime and forensic accounting.

Academic Institutions.

Our experts have specialist insights into every aspect of campus security, and share these insights in accessible, approachable ways with those responsible for student and staff safety.

Healthcare Facilities.

Our team designs preparedness and response plans specifically tailored for those least able to protect themselves and those caring for them.


We will identify vulnerabilities to both insider theft and cyber intrusion that can threaten the existence of any modern business.

Religious and Cultural.

Our plans are carefully balanced to dissuade attackers while offering congregants and guests a place of welcome and security.

Entertainment and Sports Venues.

Our extensive backgrounds in crisis and special event management mean we can design the right security and crisis-response protocols for any venue.

TRANSIT AND Transportation.

Our team has spent careers studying, mitigating and responding to threats posed to all different types of transportation systems.

Retail AND Shopping Malls.

We will assess vulnerabilities jeopardizing the safety of customers and staff, making sound recommendations to mitigate and respond to these vulnerabilities.

Government Agencies.

From human performance, resiliency and de-escalation training, our experts are industry leaders, and deliver a range of recommendations to improve your security posture.

Additional Services

Need something more specific? We offer an astonishing breadth of additional services, only made possible with the skill and experience of our staff.

Our Experts.

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