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1st Watch Secure Aims to Help Businesses Build a Better Crisis Preparedness and Recovery Plan

WILMINGTON, DE — 1st Watch Global, a new consulting firm specializing in addressing and mitigating security risks, has officially launched. 1st Watch Global offers a comprehensive and fully customized approach to helping companies and organizations with all aspects of preparedness and recovery. These services include risk and threat assessments, active assailant response, Work Force Resiliency training and business continuity and recovery in the aftermath of a serious incident.

Its team of retired FBI agents, intelligence and national security specialists and law enforcement officers works with organizations to find their unique risk factors and then create a specialized plan to effectively address those factors and mitigate risk.

The Advisory Group of 1st Watch Global—with a combined 100+ years of experience—comprises:

Raymond Holcomb—President and Managing Director
Mr. Holcomb is a retired FBI special agent, a strategic planner with the National Counterterrorism Center and a homeland security advisor. In 2001, he oversaw the creation of the FBI’s Fly Away/Rapid Deployment Team, which provided rapid deployment counterterrorism capability, responding to events domestically and worldwide. He served as Homeland Security Advisor for the state of Delaware for four years.

Michael Howard—Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Howard is a retired FBI special agent who possesses extensive senior-level leadership, investigative, operational, training, crisis and special event management experience in law enforcement at local, state, and federal levels. Using his expertise, he works to match 1st Watch Secure clients with the most effective team to meet their unique needs and requirements.

Dave Gilligan—Executive Vice President and Director of Operations
Mr. Gilligan has spent more than 45 years in the insurance and reinsurance industry, representing many large national and international clients. His depth of knowledge and understanding allows 1st Watch Global to provide its clients with an unprecedented level of support in all aspects of their security needs.

Andrew Binns—Chief Strategy Officer
Mr. Binns’ experience in strategic marketing has made him an influential presence in marketing across a number of industries with international scope. Most recently, he served as director of multi award-winning advertising agency, Havas. His specialization in behavior change frameworks has led to numerous individual awards and speaking opportunities. He is a well-regarded marketer who uses understanding of human behavior to create impactful work.

In addition to the extensive experience and knowledge of the 1st Watch Global Advisory Group, the firm also employs a broad range of senior advisors with a wealth of security experience who can provide crucial insight to create comprehensive risk assessments for each of 1st Watch Global’s clients.

“At its core, 1st Watch Secure is committed to empowering institutions and organizations in providing the safest possible environment for their people,” said Mr. Holcomb. “This passion guides every decision we make and every action we take. Our unparalleled expertise, knowledge and experience are the tools we rely on to ensure we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

For more information, visit https://1stwatchsecure.com/

About 1st Watch Global
1st Watch Global, a consulting firm comprised of retired FBI agents, intelligence and national security specialists and law enforcement officers works tirelessly to help organizations ensure the safety of their people by mitigating factors that could lead to a serious crisis event. With more than a century of experience, the team at 1st Watch Global partners with its clients to learn of address unique risk factors and create a tailored approach to address those risks. To learn more and schedule a consult, visit https://1stwatchsecure.com/.