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Contract Awarded to 1st Watch Secure by Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN)

1st Watch Secure LLC is pleased to be joining KPN as an approved vendor effective March 1,2021.

1st Watch is a world leader in providing security assessments for various indus-tries with particular expertise in public and private schools including charter schools, local, county and state government as well as Tax Exempt Nonprofits.

Our risk assessments are the same processes and procedures utilized by our Federal government and the Department of Homeland Security, there are no higher standards recognized in the United States. The team has held command level positions in the FBI’s Critical Incident Re-sponse Group (CIRG), the National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF) and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

Our core services consist of Risk Vulnerability and Threat Assessments; Active Assailant Preparedness Training for Civilians; Crisis Management and Emergen-cy Response; Workforce Resiliency; and much more. We have just completed an e-Learning course created by tactical medics and the medical community that focuses on surviving a traumatic injury. We have coupled this course with the best Bleeding Control Kit in the industry. Both will be available to KPN Members.

Our passion is protecting people because it is the right thing to do. We look for-ward to serving the KPN members in protecting their people and property.